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Through pure and natural Mediumship, Psychic Awareness and Spiritual Healing, Deborah Morris acts as a conduit to the World of Spirit, communicating with Spiritual Energies on every plane, from your nearest and dearest loved ones who have passed to the World of Spirit through to the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings.


Through her work as a Healer, Deborah is regularly joined by the Ascended Masters Council of Twelve and the Intergalactic Command, channelling them in a physical and vocal way.  The Intergalactic Command also guide Deborah in matters of Global Healing and World Peace, bringing very powerful emotions and messages through their communications. Deborah feels honoured to be working as one with these pure and beautiful Energies:


"When I first began to channel their cosmic language, I did not have

a clue what was happening. I just know that it felt right. Over a period

of two years, the communications lengthened and became more physical

until one day they came through in an extremely physical and vocal way

in a very public arena. The Galactic Beings now play a very welcome and

huge role in my life, informing my work as a Healer both on a one-to-one

level and on a wider scale". 


Like many others, Deborah has been faced with various challenges and adversities throughout her life. Each and every one of them has led to the development and honing of her Mediumistic qualities, bringing inspiration, hope, comfort and direction to those in search of “something”.


Deborah understands that her mission is to help others to embrace their Spirituality and to understand the effects of the higher vibrational changes that are taking place in our current lives. Deborah welcomes this purpose and works from a place of 100% Pure Love & Light.


Deborah knows that there are many pieces to every person’s jigsaw:


"I am happy to be whichever part of that jigsaw is required.  If you are

reading this page now then our paths have already crossed.  If these

words are resonating with you, and if you decide that I am the right

person to accompany you on this part of your journey, then believe

in these simple words - All Is As It Should Be"



Here's what others have to say ......



“Sometimes in life we meet a few people whose lives transcend the ordinary

experiences into the extraordinary.  From that place, a character evolves that

can be considered inspirational and which, in time, becomes an expression of

living their truth, born from a life full of challenges and adversity. They become

the catalyst for change in another person’s life, sometimes by what is said,

sometimes by touch, but most often by something unspoken, something that

is felt from one’s heart.


Perhaps words never really encapsulate that quality. During 27 years of

practice, and after meeting thousands of people, I had only once previously

come into direct contact with one person who has that quality, one who I

consider 100% Pure Love. 


Those souls in my experience are rare – like a needle in a haystack!


I encourage those in need to step into the unknown and trust what is given

through Deb, for her heart is open and honest and she will bring to you

a Truth that may set you free.  That Truth will come to you through those

Energies that have chosen her to become the Medium and conduit through

which healing flows.”


Stuart Morris
Director of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre



"As a natural sceptic, spirituality doesn’t come easy to me; I don’t

instantly believe every spiritual doctrine, nor trust every spiritual

person I meet. However in Deb Morris, I feel I have finally found

someone I can be honest with. Someone who accepts my past

without judgement, further, she feels and fuels my excitement for

the future. With Deb you can expect sincerity, a genuine desire to

help and love – yes, I know that sounds ‘fluffy’ but it’s true. My only

reticence in recommending her, is my selfish concern that she

becomes so busy she can’t fit me in again!


Seriously though, go see her, truly, she is an ‘Earth Angel’ xx" 


Melanie S.





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