Sometimes in life we meet a few people whose lives transcend the ordinary experiences into the

extraordinary.  From that place, a character evolves that can be considered inspirational and which,

in time, becomes an expression of living their truth, born from a life full of challenges and adversity. 

They become the catalyst for change in another person’s life, sometimes by what is said, sometimes

by touch, but most often by something unspoken, something that is felt from one’s heart.


Perhaps words never really encapsulate that quality. During 27 years of practice, and after meeting

thousands of people, I had only once previously come into direct contact with one person who has

that quality, one who I consider 100% Pure Love. 


Those souls in my experience are rare – like a needle in a haystack!


I encourage those in need to step into the unknown and trust what is given through Deb, for her heart

is open and honest and she will bring to you a Truth that may set you free.  That Truth will come to you

through those Energies that have chosen her to become the Medium and conduit through which healing flows.”


Stuart Morris
Director of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre




"As a natural sceptic, spirituality doesn’t come easy to me; I don’t instantly believe every spiritual

doctrine, nor trust every spiritual person I meet. However in Deb Morris, I feel I have finally found

someone I can be honest with. Someone who accepts my past without judgement, further, she

feels and fuels my excitement for the future. With Deb you can expect sincerity, a genuine desire

to help and love –yes, I know that sounds ‘fluffy’ but it’s true. My only reticence in recommending

her, is my selfish concern that she becomes so busy she can’t fit me in again!


Seriously though, go see her, truly, she is an ‘Earth Angel’ xx" 


Melanie S



"I went for what I thought I needed, a Past Life Regression. Never did I imagine

my session would go full circle to then allow me to experience a healing session instead.

After a detailed consultation and excellent chat I progressed to have my PLR but my

higher self didn't let me experience it (not this time anyway).

Instead I was invited to have healing.

I was so overwhelmed by what took place, I was actually speechless -

and this coming from a talker.


Being a therapist myself, I thought I'd experienced a lot.

In actual fact I realise I have a lot to learn.

I don't get amazed by things easily, so when I say 'WOW'

it means something deep and meaningful took place.


My journey has now hit a new level of understanding!

Something I never imagined I would ever get to experience.


Thank you is not enough and will never be enough.

To meet Deborah is a blessing and by no means a mistake.


So looking forward to what lies in store for me.


A blessed Soul; Amelia Docherty"



That lady is another level.

Her pull and communication with source is unreal.

Deborah is one of the best Spiritual Healers

I have ever sat before. 


Jessica H, Birmingham



"I totally recommend Debbie x I had a past life regression with her and the whole experience

was fabulous x I felt totally relaxed, at ease and perfectly safe throughout the whole session xxx she is a

fabulous lady x Thankyou Debbie x  Karen, Marsden Green



"Words cannot cover how much I have been helped and moved by Deborah Morris Earth Angel.

There is no other Medium that I have come across that is so spot on and pure. It shows you that

when it is done truthfully and purely it is beyond words.


Thank you for our readings.

You are blessed and gifted xx


Kay Millward, Birmingham



“I have experienced this healing work and it is phenomenal! A massive shift has taken place

and still is now and will continue for many more days as the energies are at work 

removing energy distortions and changing my physical body.    

Highly recommended for anyone experiencing changes in their energy and life.

Beautiful healing".   CM 


"I recently experienced a Past Life Regression session with Deborah Morris. I have experienced

many forms of therapy over the last 28 years and each has added value to my life to various

degrees. I have become accustomed to coming out of so many of these sessions relaxed,

clearer sometimes, even refreshed and so on.


I went into my session with Deb, having listened to an audio on Past Life Regression a year

previously, with an open mind and little expectation of anything other than what I had

experienced in any other therapy session. I was wrong. I went on a journey that I was not

consciously aware of, one that opened new insights into my current existence in a way that

produced an awareness that has led to me being more at peace with people in my life now

and, just as important, those in my past.  The session seemed like it lasted for around

20 minutes but it actually continued for over 2 hours. I came away feeling contemplative,

in awe of the whole process, amazed at what had just taken place and somehow complete.

Immediately after the Regression, I had little recollection of parts of the journey that I had

just undertaken. However, Deb had recorded the entire experience. The results and revelations

that emerged from this evidence, along with Deb’s feedback and healing, were incredible.


My Past Life Regression was a moving process; emotive, challenging, insightful and most

definitely life-affirming, one that I will undertake again when I am ready to visit another

chapter of my past existences. I would encourage anyone who is open enough to do the

same. The insights are profound enough to produce lasting changes that bring more

peace in this lifetime".



Director of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre



"I’ve had two previous past life regression sessions which were interesting,

but nothing prepared me for the emotional impact that my regression

with Deb would have. It was a very powerful experience and resonated

with me on so many levels and in so many ways. It was an incredible

experience and Deb is an amazing person to guide one through such

a deep and meaningful journey.

Thanks, Deb!"


Elaina, Bristol



"I went to see Deborah Morris today for a reading.

She is a lovely gentle person and the reading she gave me was amazing - 

I even got emotional which is unlike me.

I highly recommend her xxxx"


M. Taylor, Birmingham



"Dear Deborah,  Thank you so much for seeing us yesterday.

My sister was very moved by the reading and she has been quite emotional since.

She has been in tears of joy and gratitude. 

Last night she received a Haiku poem in her dream

which she would like to dedicate to you as a thank you:


To dissolve in

the Holiness of NOW, that's

all I desire

(Translated from Hungarian)


Warmest wishes,


Márti Halász & Csilla Rouvray - Hungary




"What an amazing reader and healer!

Totally genuine and accurate with her insight

and a very powerful healer.

I will always be connected with Deborah

and I am so, so grateful for what she has done for me.


Love and Light,

Melissa xxxxx"


Melissa Batchelor, Birmingham



"Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I needed a miracle and you sent one my way.

I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for your work and for your advice and counsel too.

It’s lifted me out of a very deep hole and I feel I’m back on track.

Working with Divine Energy feels more comfortable to me than some of the other therapies I’ve experienced

and it also feels more effective each time as I get more attuned to this type of healing.

Thank you Deborah. You are an absolute diamond and you have my complete Faith and Trust"  


AJ, Birmingham




"Deborah, thank you for all the time and healing

you have spent on (my husband).

He is so impressed! Things are shifting!

Love and blessings".  IJ




"Wow! Something in me has changed since our session yesterday!

This journey is incredible!

I couldn’t and wouldn’t have wanted to do this without your guidance and support.

Thank you so much Deborah. Things have been so much better since seeing you.

A lot of fear left immediately after my first session, never to return.

You gave me hope when it was lost.

You’ve given me strength when I was weak and you’ve helped me connect to the Spiritual World

in a way I would never have thought I would.


Blessed to know you xx"




"I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced the healing work of this wonderful woman,

Deborah Morris, who put me back on my path with her healing/energy work

and lifted my spirits and took me to a place I’d never known with her incredible voice work ….

She truly is a woman of great force and wonder".









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