Sound Healing


Through the powerful resonance of Sound Vibration, Deborah Morris invites you to step into the pure magic of Sound Healing & Relaxation.

As a long-standing professional musician and as a Spiritual Healer and Holistic Therapist, Deborah listens through her Spirituality to your body and soul and channels the wisdom of Spirit through her Voice, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Crystal Healing bowls.

Working in tandem with the body’s cells and Chakra System to bring balance and realignment, Sound Healing instruments support a unique and powerful Sound Bath experience that is personally tailored to your specific needs at any given time.


  • Immerse your soul into the deeply relaxing vibrations of this Ancient Healing form.
  • Allow every cell in your body to be transformed back into a state of Harmony.
  • Enable Light & Sound to ripple through your body and mind, releasing locked-in, non-beneficial energies that no longer serve you.
  • Surrender to the sonic waves of 423Hz, the Sound of Love.
  • Let the purity of the ‘God Note’ guide you into serenity and oneness.
  • Feel uplifted as you transcend the low-level vibes of the processed world.


Be Freed  -  Embrace Harmony  -  Choose Peace


It’s time to listen to that ‘Quiet Voice Within’ …

the one that feels bright & alive when you say ‘Yes’ to letting go.



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Voice Healing:   Here's what you   said ... 

 "Deb was beautiful … an Angel singing. More please!” – DR


“So beautiful. Her voice is like an Angel” – JA


“Deb’s got talent. Lovely voice” – SH


“Beautiful chapel and voice” – KV


“Beautiful place, wonderful voice!” – MM


“That was spectacular. I could have listened a lot more” – SM


“Fabulous!” – DM


“Wow!” – NT


“Voice of an Angel xx” – LJ


“Wow what a beautiful voice! xx” - MB


“Beautiful. I went all goosebumps! What a Star!” – SS


“Wow! You blew me away! Thank you for sharing xxx” – BS


“Oh my gosh, that’s hit my soul! So lovely. Who needs a singing bowl when you can listen to that? xxx” – NM


“Beautiful” – TL


“Wow! So beautiful and powerful … Pure and Angelic xx” – LG


“Powerful. Voice of an Angel” – RS


“Wow … so lovely. It made my day to hear your voice” – LH


“Beautiful singing and chapel” – HS


“Beautiful” – LR


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