Regression Therapies


Deborah Morris offers Regression appointments at Birmingham Holistic Centre, locally across West Midlands, Warwickshire & Worcestershire and also Distance appointments via Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call and over the 'phone.


During the Regression process, Deborah will guide you into a state of deep relaxation in which you will feel safe and secure, knowing that your subconscious will take you only to memories that you are able to handle. Through gentle guidance, Deborah will help you to retrieve essential information that will enable you to have a better understanding of the reasons behind your current issues. Deborah will then take you through a healing process that will help bring a sense of peace and calm into your everyday life. This in turn will assist you in moving forward, feeling lighter, more positive and free from energies that no longer serve you.


Past Life Regression Therapy


Through the workings of your subconscious mind, the Past Life Regression process will enable you to access memories and events of one or more of your past lives that relate to an area of concern or a particular area of interest in your current lifetime. Deborah will help you to explore those scenes, to rediscover the root cause of any issues in your current lifetime and to understand and heal the point of origin of any events that your soul has carried forward from previous lives.


Remember – you chose to reincarnate into your current lifetime in order to be a better person, to forgive yourself and others and to learn to live in Love, Light Harmony and Peace with fellow Humankind. When you decide to seek the benefits of a Past Life Regression with Deborah, you will have made the decision before you made your journey back to the Earth Plane.





Enabling you to rediscover the root causes, from previous incarnations, of your issues and hang-ups 

and to put things right in this lifetime:






And even if your interest in Past Life Regression is one of sheer intrigue, your subconscious could lead you into areas that may surprise and enlighten you!


Following an initial consultation, it may prove beneficial for you to undergo a Combined Age Regression, Womb Regression & Past Life Regression.



For all enquiries and to book an appointment with Deborah, please contact Deborah here.



Age Regression & Womb Regression Therapy

Age Regression Therapy and Womb Regression Therapy may be experienced as

stand-alone therapies or as part of a combined Age, Womb & Past Life Regression.

Age Regression is a gentle way of accessing memories of a particularly difficult time or past events in your current lifetime. Your soul may have locked away these memories in order to protect you; it may be that the circumstances were too emotional or traumatic for you to fully understand or deal with at the time they occurred. It may be that you feel now that forgotten memories are the cause of blockages in your day-to-day existence or the reasons that you feel like you are being held-back, lacking in confidence or unable to commit to relationships, career choices or new ventures.


Similarly, the time of conception and growth in the womb may also hold hidden truths that are the key to unlocking the cause of problems, blockages and specific issues in the current lifetime and to realising any missions or goals that you may have set for yourself as part of the 'plan' for your current incarnation.


Initial Consultation

During an Initial Consultation, we will discuss your reasons for choosing the path of Regression Therapy. Together, we will decide on the route that feels preferable in terms of achieving your goal to heal past hurts and to move forward in your current lifetime. This may include one or a combination of Age, Womb & Past Life Regression. It is important to remember that ultimately, your subconscious is in charge. It will direct you to those memories that enable you to obtain the results that are the most beneficial for you at this moment on your current journey.


For more information and to book an appointment with Deborah, please contact Deborah here.

Here's what others have to say:


"I recently experienced a Past Life Regression session with Deborah Morris. I have experienced

many forms of therapy over the last 28 years and each has added value to my life to various

degrees. I have become accustomed to coming out of so many of these sessions relaxed,

clearer sometimes, even refreshed and so on.


I went into my session with Deb, having listened to an audio on Past Life Regression a year

previously, with an open mind and little expectation of anything other than what I had

experienced in any other therapy session. I was wrong. I went on a journey that I was not

consciously aware of, one that opened new insights into my current existence in a way that

produced an awareness that has led to me being more at peace with people in my life now

and, just as important, those in my past.  The session seemed like it lasted for around

20 minutes but it actually continued for over 2 hours. I came away feeling contemplative,

in awe of the whole process, amazed at what had just taken place and somehow complete.

Immediately after the Regression, I had little recollection of parts of the journey that I had

just undertaken. However, Deb had recorded the entire experience. The results and revelations

that emerged from this evidence, along with Deb’s feedback and healing, were incredible.


My Past Life Regression was a moving process; emotive, challenging, insightful and most

definitely life-affirming, one that I will undertake again when I am ready to visit another

chapter of my past existences. I would encourage anyone who is open enough to do the

same. The insights are profound enough to produce lasting changes that bring more

peace in this lifetime".



Director of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre



"I’ve had two previous past life regression sessions which were interesting,

but nothing prepared me for the emotional impact that my regression

with Deb would have. It was a very powerful experience and resonated

with me on so many levels and in so many ways. It was an incredible

experience and Deb is an amazing person to guide one through such

a deep and meaningful journey.

Thanks, Deb!"


Elaina, Bristol



"I totally recommend Debbie x I had a past life regression with her

and the whole experience was fabulous x I felt totally relaxed,

at ease and perfectly safe throughout the whole session xxx

She is a fabulous lady x

Thankyou Debbie x"


Karen, Marsden Green




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