Ascension Coach & Galactic Channel


The Galactic Beings are a collective of High Vibrational,

Multi-Dimensional Energies that link back to the Golden Days of Atlantis. Channelling through Deborah in a vocal and physical way, they work from a space of LOVE ..... non-jugemental, highly powerful, full of character and very excitedto be assisting Planet Earth and Humankind through our current Awakenings and rapid Ascensions.


The Galactic Beings first began to work with Deborah on a very personal level, clearing, cleansing and healing before eventually making physical appearances. They now play a very welcome, humorous and powerful role in her every day life.


During all Healing Sessions, Deborah places total Faith and Trust in The World Of Spirit.  She 'gets out of the way', enabling the channelling of whichever Entities are right for the Healing that is taking place.  Deborah asks that anyone seeking Healing does the same.


So come along to your Healing Session with an open heart, an open mind and total Trust in the knowledge that whichever Entities channel through Deborah, they are working for your Absolute Highest and Greatest Good - whether they be Multi-Dimensional Galactic Beings, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or your very own Loved Ones from The World Of Spirit.


Here's what other's say:




“I have experienced this healing work and it is phenomenal! A massive shift has taken place

and still is now and will continue for many more days as the energies are at work

removing energy distortions and changing my physical body.    

Highly recommended for anyone experiencing changes in their energy and life.

Beautiful healing".   CM 



"Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I needed a miracle and you sent one my way.

I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for your work and for your advice and counsel too.

It’s lifted me out of a very deep hole and I feel I’m back on track.

Working with Divine Energy feels more comfortable to me than some of the other therapies I’ve experienced

and it also feels more effective each time as I get more attuned to this type of healing.

Thank you Deborah. You are an absolute diamond and you have my complete Faith and Trust"   AJ




"Deborah, thank you for all the time and healing you have spent on (my husband).

He is so impressed! Things are shifting!

Love and blessings".  IJ




"Wow! Something in me has changed since our session yesterday!

This journey is incredible!

I couldn’t and wouldn’t have wanted to do this without your guidance and support.

Thank you so much Deborah. Things have been so much better since seeing you.

A lot of fear left immediately after my first session, never to return.

You gave me hope when it was lost.

You’ve given me strength when I was weak and you’ve helped me connect to the Spiritual World

in a way I would never have thought I would.


Blessed to know you xx"




"I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced the healing work of this wonderful woman,

Deborah Morris, who put me back on my path with her healing/energy work

and lifted my spirits and took me to a place I’d never known with her incredible voice work ….

She truly is a woman of great force and wonder".





Ascension & Healing appointments available at Birmingham Holistic Centre, locally across West Midlands, Warwickshire & Worcestershire and also Distance appointments via Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call and over the 'phone.


For all enquiries and to book an appointment with Deborah, please contact Deborah here.


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