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Mediumship, Psychic Clairvoyant Readings & Spiritual Healing at Birmingham Holistic Centre, locally throughout West Midlands, Warwickshire & Worcestershire and also Distance appointments via Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call and over the 'phone.


During a reading, Deborah will work in a number of ways, as directed by her Spirit Guides.


Her Spiritual gifts include:


Clairvoyance – (seeing Spirit)
Clairsentience – (sensing Spirit)
Clairaudience – (hearing Spirit)
Psychometry – (reading energy from an inanimate object, for example: jewellery, keys)
Transically – (where Spirit enters her body, enabling her to take on their posture and habits)
Using Psychic Tools – (such as cards, water, ribbons, paper, crystals)
Healing – (Deborah is often guided by Spirit to give healing to those she reads for. This may be hands-on or from a distance. Permission will always be sought in order to enable this to take place)



Deborah works in many different ways:


  • One-to-one readings – Individual & Personal
  • Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call & 'Phone Readings
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Group Bookings
  • Group Meditations
  • Spiritual Development Workshops
  • Multi-Dimensional Awareness Groups
  • Galactic Channelling
  • Angelic Reiki
  • Past Life Regression
  • Age Regression
  • Womb Regression
  • Sound Healing Therapy


For all enquiries and to book an appointment for Mediumship, Healing or Regression with Deborah, please contact Deborah here



Here's what others have to say:



That lady is another level.

Her pull and communication with source is unreal.

Deborah is one of the best Spiritual Healers

I have ever sat before. 


Jessica H, Birmingham



"Words cannot cover how much I have been helped and moved by Deborah Morris Earth Angel.

There is no other Medium that I have come across who is so spot on and pure. It shows you that

when it is done truthfully and purely it is beyond words.


Thank you for our readings.

You are blessed and gifted xx


Kay Millward, Birmingham



"I am so pleased that I have found Deb at this point in my life.

I didn't know quite what to expect, but her clear explanations of

how she works and what might happen in a session gave real clarity.


Deb clearly has very special gifts of Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing

and she has brought clarity to me through her abilities.

It is so good that there are a range of channels that she uses

from cards to hands-on healing.


I am very grateful for this new world that she has opened up to me.


Thank you, Deb!"


Ceri C

"I went for what I thought I needed, a Past Life Regression. Never did I imagine

my session would go full circle to then allow me to experience a healing session instead.

After a detailed consultation and excellent chat I progressed to have my PLR but my

higher self didn't let me experience it (not this time anyway).

Instead I was invited to have healing.

I was so overwhelmed by what took place, I was actually speechless -

and this coming from a talker.


Being a therapist myself, I thought I'd experienced a lot.

In actual fact I realise I have a lot to learn.

I don't get amazed by things easily, so when I say 'WOW'

it means something deep and meaningful took place.


My journey has now hit a new level of understanding!

Something I never imagined I would ever get to experience.


Thank you is not enough and will never be enough.

To meet Deborah is a blessing and by no means a mistake.


So looking forward to what lies in store for me.


A blessed Soul; Amelia Docherty"



"Dear Deborah,  Thank you so much for seeing us yesterday.

My sister was very moved by the reading and she has been quite emotional since.

She has been in tears of joy and gratitude. 

Last night she received a Haiku poem in her dream

which she would like to dedicate to you as a thank you:


To dissolve in

the Holiness of NOW, that's

all I desire

(Translated from Hungarian)


Warmest wishes,


Márti Halász & Csilla Rouvray - Hungary



"What an amazing reader and healer!

Totally genuine and accurate with her insight

and a very powerful healer.

I will always be connected with Deborah

and I am so, so grateful for what she has done for me.


Love and Light,

Melissa xxxxx"


Melissa Batchelor, Birmingham



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